Our dog, Savannah, is getting old. She is a special-needs Dalmatian mix that we got from a shelter 10 years ago. She was about 3 years old then. We’ve been thinking about what kind of dog we would wanna get when she is gone but could not agree on one breed. I wanted a Dachshund — to carry around, give belly kisses and cuddles and baths… I’ve never had a small dog before. My husband wanted a dog to protect the house — a Doberman. So that was the plan … for the future. But …. I couldn’t wait and have been researching breeders in an area, looking for dachshunds in shelters already… and just happened to find this gorgeous gal. We could not be happier with her. Almost wish we got her sooner and had more time to bond before having to return to school schedules etc. 

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