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Claudia, the Dobe

So, it happened. While I was actively looking for another wiener dog, my husband was apparently looking for a Doberman Pincher that he’s been dreaming of for years. And he found her. First. Dang. But I have to say, she is pretty awesome. She was five months old and in a bit of a rough shape–not socialized very well and with some skin condition.

She is still terrified of everything, but her skin is clearing up. We are working with her on socializing and are going to start obedience classes soon. She has warmed up to us and is the sweetest dobe I’ve known. Bonnie, the wiener dog, really likes her. They are like two peas in a pot. Claudia is so patient with Bonnie. She even lets her share the bone–each chews opposite ends. They play-fight any chance they get, nap next to each other. Kinda crazy how these two have hit if off. I’m still going to get more dachshunds, just have to wait a few years.

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