Studio Session | $50

The studio session takes place in my backyard studio shed. The session consists of posed portraits and fun shots such as treat-catching and licking peanut butter.  I have an array of backdrop colors, and props to choose from. If there are multiple dogs, I do individual shots and group shots (up to 3 dogs per session). I can include up to 2 people in a few shots.

What’s included:
  • 45 minutes to an hour studio session, 
  • a choice of 3 background colors/sets,
  • a choice of props (baskets, flower crowns, bow-ties),
  • a gallery of 15+ retouched photos to choose from,
  • 3 complimentary discreetly watermarked social media files.


The session price does not include any high-resolution digital files.

Pricing for hi-res digital Files

  • 1 digital file $25
  • 3 digital files $70
  • 5 digital files $100
  • 10 digital files $150
  • 15 digital files $175
  • 20+ (all files in the gallery)  $200


Bring your dog’s favorite toy and treats and any outfit you like! I have some props available as well. 

It’s up to you! I focus on the eyes, so a trim around them would be great. 

There is a limit of 3 dogs per regular session. Mini-sessions are for one pet only, but if you’d like to book for more than one, you’ll need to book back-to-back sessions. I will try to get a group shot of them.

That is ok, I understand. I will edit the leash out in the final images.

That’s ok! I have worked with many dogs and have my own anxious dog. We will use a leash to keep the dog in place if needed, and I will edit the leash out in the final images.

Sure. My focus is on pets but I will include up to 4 people outdoor and 2 in studio in a few photos.

It typically takes one week to retouch images.
I will then create a private gallery and send you an invitation.

I’m happy to photograph other pets. I have photographed cats, snakes, guinea pigs,  and horses. I welcome a new challenge.